My Work

  • Crescent Enterprises

    Software Engineer

    feb 2019 - present

    • Reduced hosting fees by 65% by migrating to AWS and rearchitecting projects
    • Optimized production project to improve pageload performance by 80% across the frontend and backend
    • Introduced tooling to increase developer velocity
    • Built core codebase to be used across all startups
    • Implemented advanced monitoring and logging for compliance
    • Integrated with several 3rd party APIs for payment gateways(Stripe, Checkout, PayPal), content, FX rates, etc.
    • Independently coordinated with project owners to get from MVP to public beta
  • Brndstr Inc

    Software Engineer

    jul 2017 - jan 2019

    • Implemented advanced architecture & features for realtime twitter platform (Avg 1.5m requests a month)
    • Built and deployed business critical applications on AWS stack(EC2, ELB, Route 53, S3, CloudFront, SQS, Lambda, IAM) and on premises(docker, nginx, pm2)
    • Developed API’s for front-end and client consumption (Node.Js)
    • Handled end to end execution of projects, from requirements stage to deployment
    • Built features for Ember.js app
    • Diagnosed and optimized Node.Js & MongoDB performance
    • TDD for multi-platform chatbot & twitter platform
  • Brndstr Inc

    Software Engineer - Intern

    apr 2017 - jun 2017

    • Conducted research on tech stack and proposed architecture for major project and presented results to senior team and client technical team
    • Built Node.Js app & front-end for updating IBM Watson using CSV file upload, moderating Watson’s responses & assigning intent to failed phrases
    • Implemented Auth0 integration into existing emberjs client platform
    • Build image recognition prototype for Big Three car manufacturer

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